July 18, 2024

5 Myths You heard about Pink eyes

Pink Eyes, commonly known as conjunctivitis is very common eye-ailment. 

Pink eye is an inflammatory condition that happens in the mucous membrane called Conjunctiva. It causes redness and itchiness inside and outside of the eyelid. 

People do know this condition but there are certain myths have associated with pink eyes. We at Viaan eye and retina centre are going to bust the myths related to the pink eye condition. 

  • Myth 1- Pink eye happens to children only. 

Pink eye is not associated with kids only. It is very common in children but we cannot call it an exclusive condition for them. People of any age if they don’t follow the standard precautions and safety, could be susceptible to pink eye. 

  • Myth 2- Eye rubbing causes Pink eye 

Dirty hands are the carrier of conjunctivitis- it is a fact but saying hand rubbing causes pink eye is entirely a myth. The eyes get a pink eye infection from any contaminated objects like dirty lenses or eye-drop dispensers. There are several kinds of conjunctivitis. Some could be viral, some could be caused by bacteria and a few of them could be an outcome of allergens. 

  • Myth 3- Pink eye heals naturally

Every eye condition needs to be checked by your retina specialist. In many pink eye cases, they do heal by themselves in less than two weeks but it could become chronic if left unattended. 

Viaan eye and retina centre provides treatment to accelerate the healing process and let the patient relaxed and be safe. It is needed to check the pink eye if there are any pre-existing ocular ailments. 

  • Myth 4- Pink Eye leads to blindness 

There is no substantiate report or study that could show pink eye causes any blindness or permanent harm to the eyes. 

Conjunctivitis is a minor infectious ailment but it will never lead to any permanent impact or blindness. Taking care of eyes is important and one should go for proper follow up checkups with retinal experts. Leaving the infection unattended may cause issues. 

  • Myth 5- Pink eye is highly contagious and infectious

Yes, it is true Pink eye is infectious but not every pink eye is infectious. There are several types of pink eye and most of them are not infectious. There is bacterial conjunctivitis caused by staphylococcal bacteria. It is highly contagious. 

Meanwhile, there are seasonal allergies and allergens which cause chemical conjunctivitis.

Many other myths have been propagated due to misinformation and false reports. One of them is reportedly very high. The pink eye gives pink colour to the eye. It is nowhere true. The eyes will not turn pink or discoloured from the current one.

Conjunctivitis carries the name Pink eye but it doesn’t cause any colouration of the eyes and lenses. 

We hope you will take precautions to avoid pink eye. Be it viral or bacterial or seasonal, take proper care of your precious eyes. They are important. 

In case do contact Viaan eye and retina centre fix the pink eye and any other ocular ailment.