August 14, 2022

5 Marketing Techniques That Costs Time, Not Money: By The Best Marketing Agency in Gurgaon

The common difficulties startups face is to market their business but have no money for marketing. What can be the best solution to this problem? Instead of focusing on cost-cutting methods of marketing, they should find low-budget marketing hacks. The beauty of growth hacking is that there is an array of growth alternatives that are budget-friendly too. Where growing and engineering meet, growth hacking happens. Growth hacking isn’t available at zero cost. But here’s why these marketing techniques are almost free yet so powerful. They don’t require big marketing budgets. All they need is ample time and the quench to learn all these smart tactics. 

1) Get Links from Your Service Providers: For a good website ranking, having strong backlinks are crucial. We can’t do that because there is a cost to it. Now, what should you do? If you’ve built relationships with your distributors, channel partners or success partners, you have an instant resource for building links. Ask them to link your website. You can gain a lot of good clicks and all it will cost is a good, compelling and persuading email.

2. Search for unlinked mentions: Another alternative to get links and enhance your site authority is to search for unlinked names or mentions of your brand. 

After your search, drop a mail to the publishers if your brand’s name is published in the newspapers or if shown in the video, then reach the production house. Kindly ask them to provide the link to your business. 

You might get a lot of places where your brand name is mentioned. Quick and good research along with an email later will be the only incurred cost. 

3. Host a webinar: Free webinars introduce your brand and its products to a wide range of people. The more appealing the topic, the more will be the participation rate. 

Surely, webinars take time, there is so much to do right from brainstorming topics, planning the execution of the webinar and advertising it. However, the benefits are top-notch. You can also consider, taking help from the top advertising agency in Gurgaon. Though it will cost some amount, it’ll be worthful. 

4. Cross-Promote: One explosive form of marketing is cross-promotion. You can market with companies that provide similar services. Cross-promotion allows you to partner with companies and market their services in exchange for marketing yours. It’s a win-win situation, apart from the single documentation and an easy conversation, it doesn’t require a lot of work and study. 

5. Run a contest: As long as people are holding smartphones, the digital contest is a potential source of low-key marketing publicity. Giving giveaways is one of the savvy ways of building brand presence among Gen Z consumers.  

6. Get a pool of email addresses: Adding more email ids to your email list is one of the most enduring and effective methods of marketing. You can try reaching out to them regularly.