December 1, 2021

Ultimate Guide To Master Bhangra Dance Moves

Bhangra, the traditional dance that originated from Punjab, traveled a long journey, and with time, it has become famous in every corner of the world. It is a lively dance that follows the beat of a dhol, an Indian drum. Punjabi farmers groove on the bhangra during Vaisakhi season, Khalsa Day, or any cultural festival in the initial phase. 

Bhangra’s move is more than what Bollywood makes it. It is not just about turning a lighting bulb. There are more than 300 Bhangra dance moves. Men do some, and some are done by women, all of them by a bhangra enthusiast. Let’s start with dance moves. 

> The Bounce: 

Start with feet flat on the floor having a hip-width distance. Lift the arms above the head and position the palms outside, sticking the thumb out. Form an L-shape with one hand. Now, bend the legs a few inches. Bend the leg, bend the arms at the elbow and bring hands towards the head. Repeat it four times. Make a smooth bounce motion with the legs. While bouncing, pull hands inside when bending the legs. 

> Next One-Legged Bounce:

Start with placing the feet hip-width apart. Do a hop one to two inches off the floor. Land on the flat feet. Then, repeat the hop. In the next hop, land on the left foot. Lift the right leg and bend it to the knee. Add the hand movements by raising the arms above the head. Repeat the one-legged movement at least 4-5 times. 

> The Shoulder Shrugs:

Start with feet flat on the floor with a hip-width distance. Lift the arm above the head and turn the palms outside. Uplift the arms and lean back on the right leg while lifting the left heel. Turn the left foot outside. Now, bend the legs and do the ‘raising and dropping’ gesture. Repeat it four times. Do the same movement while leaning back on the left leg. 

> Ucanji Bhangra Videos:

To make the proper sense of the Bhangra moves, watch Ucanji dance classes videos online. The more one watches the videos, the easier it would become to pick up the dance movements. Ucanji has bhangra classes for kids too.