February 23, 2024

Comparing the Benefits of Jet Ownership Versus Chartering


Both owning your own jet and using a charter service has advantages over getting onto a commercial flight. Owning and chartering each has its own benefits, too, and you should figure out which makes more sense for your unique travel needs.

Owning Your Own Jet Encourages You to Travel More Often:

When you know that you have a jet sitting in a hangar that is yours and that you can use it as often as you want, you will always have travel on your mind. You might take your family on an extra vacation if you own your own jet, or you might fly privately to an event you need to attend rather than hopping onto a commercial flight. An advantage of private aviation ownership is that it pushes you to explore the world more, but a disadvantage that goes along with that is that you will spend more money as you take on extra travel.

Using a Charter Service is Cheaper if You Don’t Travel a Lot:

When you buy a jet, you invest a large amount of money into that aircraft. You need to travel often in order to make the investment worthwhile. If you travel a couple of times a year, you will save a lot of money by chartering your flights rather than purchasing your own jet. If you are going to have the jet sitting on the ground a lot, it might not be a good investment for you to purchase one; that jet will lose value as it sits, and you will not get enough out of it to make the purchase price make sense.

Owning Your Own Jet Gives You Extra Privacy:

Suppose you feel that the fewer people who know about the flying that you are doing, the better; then you may want to own your own jet. While flying on a chartered jet gives you more privacy than flying on a commercial aircraft, owning your own jet gives you the most privacy and allows you to get around without many knowing what you are doing.

Owning Your Own Jet Requires a Lot of Responsibility and Effort from You:

When you own a jet, you have to take care of maintenance work on that aircraft and ensure it is up for each trip you want to take. It is up to you to have the jet cleaned and ensure it is fueled up and ready to go before you take a flight. When you travel on a chartered service, you do not have to worry about caring for a jet. A chartered service allows you to board an aircraft at a scheduled time and know that it will be ready to make the planned flight.

Using a Charter Allows You to Change How You Fly Constantly:

When you purchase a jet, you are stuck with it until you decide to sell it. If you get tired of it, you cannot constantly upgrade the jet or change how it is. When you fly via chartered jets, you can pick a new jet for each trip you need to take. You can fly in newer models of jets when you fly via a chartered service, and you can figure out which type of jet you like the best.

A Private Jet May Provide You with More Flexibility:

If you want to be able to decide at the last minute that you are going to fly somewhere, it might be a good idea for you to own your own jet. While chartered services offer flexibility, an aircraft you own will get you anywhere you want on any day you want to go there. Private aviation offers much when it comes to traveling, and you have to figure out if it is worth it for you to invest in your own jet to have the flexibility that it offers.

Whether you choose to buy and care for your own jet or take chartered flights to get to all your destinations, you will benefit from going the private route when you have to travel.