February 24, 2024

Delphi murders leaked texts reveal clues about the killer

A new anonymous source has revealed to journalists the contents of secret messages allegedly sent by the Delphi killer to an unknown recipient. In these texts, the killer appears unsympathetic toward police efforts and seems to be trying to find justification for his actions through religion. The source also claims that investigators have discovered DNA evidence that they say links the killer with at least one of his victims. Here’s what we know about the Delphi murders leaked texts, including who leaked them and what they reveal about this notorious case.

Who are the victims?

There are two victims in this case. First one is Libby, who was murdered and second one Abby, who is believed to be still alive and being held captive by her kidnapper. Delphi belongs to a small, remote town with a population of less than 3,000 people. It’s home to what some say is one of the most haunted places in America—the Delphic Anthenaeum or Delphos Horror as locals call it. Some have speculated that an individual or group within this small town could have committed these crimes.

What do the texts say?

In March, I reported on how a text message was found on Libby’s phone that she claimed to have sent to her mom. The text suggested that she was in trouble and needed help. It read: I’m at this party and it’s really sketchy so I’m going to leave soon. .

The last word of the message is hard to make out, an unnamed law enforcement official told Fox News, but it could be ‘ouch.’ 

The person texting could be referring to one or more people giving her strange looks while dancing, leading some to speculate that this may have been a clue as to who killed Libby. 

Some also believe that  could be related as well due to the plural use of us. Others are saying this may not necessarily be what it seems since there is only one name mentioned in all of these messages — Libby.

Suspects in Delphi Murder case

The main suspect in the Delphi murders case is not a person, but an animal. The animal is a human male with light-colored hair who is at least 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds, who wears boots and jeans. He could live in Delphi or one of its nearby communities. There’s also evidence that he drives or rides a motorcycle to work because investigators found tracks from what appears to be tires from that type of vehicle. His shoe size is 10 and he owns at least two dogs: One older dog that has reddish brown fur, possibly a border collie mix, and one younger dog whose fur is lighter in color.

What is the latest Progress in the case?

The latest information in the delphi murder case has been released to the public by some news agencies, and it sheds some light on who may have committed this horrific crime. The police have made a new release of information in an effort to gain more leads for this case. They are saying that a possible suspect is a man by the name of Daniel Nations who has been going around threatening people with violence. This man matches up with what Libby’s family believes could be the person responsible for her death.


Libby German and Abby Williams were found in Delphi murder case on February 14th, 2017. The case has been unsolved for nearly a year, but new evidence reveals that this is not the first time these girls have been targeted by a serial killer. Text messages from Libby’s phone show that she was being harassed by a man who threatened her in December of 2016. It is possible that this man could be responsible for both homicides.