February 23, 2024

How does Social App for Travel revolutionise Travelling?

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Travel has seen several changes over the millennia. Travel has had a significant influence on human evolution and growth, from nomadic tribes travelling to explore new places to modern space tourism.

The influence of the internet and social media has become a critical booster for the tourism sector. Social travel apps are revolutionising travel in ways that have never been seen before.

Social apps become the main source of taking inspiration for travel purposes. Go influencers on social apps can inspire people to travel to any area, discover new travel options, and provide inspiration to complete bucket lists.

The Emergence of the Social Travel app 

Explurger has emerged as a new-age social app for travel purposes. It is transforming the landscape of travel content and the use of social apps to disseminate information. 

Explurger is different from other social apps in terms of interface and usage. It has gamified social media apps. 

Let’s look at Explurger’s distinct features –

  • Gamified Social App 

Explurger is an evolved version of social apps where people don’t just post and share but compete and earn rewards.

  • Bucket List Creation 

You can create your bucket list on the app by saving other’s destinations, locations, and activities they are doing. 

  • Complete Travelogue 

Explurger app allows individuals to compile their journey together and create a detailed travelouge without breaking any sweat. 

  • Earn Rewards and Points

Users earn points whenever they perform any action on the Explurger social app for sharing travel or non-travel content. With these points, they get rewards as per their levels. 

  • Always Motivating 

Explurger app and its highly-intelligent AI tech drives users to use the app and be in the game. There are levels in the app and these levels motivate its users to gain rewards and points by posting, sharing, or engaging. 

A Different Era to Have a Different Experience 

Travel broadens our horizons and pushes our imaginations to new heights. In the tech-driven twenty-first century, where AI and machine learning are advancing, experiencing and experimenting with travel has become a trend.