April 16, 2024

How to save yourself from makeup splurge?

When it comes to make-up shopping, it is hard not to get swayed by the alluring products on display. Only if money was not a reminder of how we can’t go on to buy everything that we happen to glance upon, life would have been a little happier.

But that’s not the reason why you should stop yourself from using makeup products, says a student of beautician course. Here is how you can save big bucks, without giving up on your love for make-up products.

One product, different uses

If you are keen on saving some bucks, try using a single product for different purposes. A tinted moisturizer can be easily done away with if you own a foundation or a moisturizer. You can mix your foundation with some moisturizer to get your own bb cream. Similarly, you can use your pink lip gloss to paint your cheeks pink, says an expert from cosmetology course.

Revive make-up products

Makeup products tend to turn flaky and dry up way too quickly. The moment you discover the flakiness, you immediately decide on chucking the product away, right? But you can always revive your make-up products by adding saline solution and Vaseline, especially to your dried mascara. However, be careful on the quantity you add; you wouldn’t want the product to turn drizzly now, would you?

Try cheaper options

You can always look for cheaper options as well. Buy a thin pointed painting brush rather than a branded, expensive one. Skip lip balms and put Vaseline to avoid dryness. Don’t splurge on expensive eye makeup remover, use baby oil instead.

Share your products

If you have a friend who is equally crazy about makeup, why not club together to share your makeup things? Foundation and creams are good to share, as there is no threat of virus/bacteria-sharing either!