February 24, 2024

Make Your Own DIY Graduation Yard Signs for a Steller Afterparty

graduation banner

Welcome fellow families and friends! It looks like you are here with a purpose! Assuming your child or friend graduated with flying colors, you must be here searching for after-party essentials. Now, if your choice of item is DIY graduation yard signs, you have come at a perfect time!

This blog has all the details you need for creating a stellar graduation yard sign/banner that can make a grand first impression.

First things first, 

Table of Content:

  1. Let’s Talk Design
  2. Customizing DIY Graduation Signs (Super Easy Tips)
  3. Final Words

Let’s Talk Design:

A graduation is a big event in the life of your child or friend. He/she worked countless hours to secure a degree that can become the stepping stone towards their future success. Therefore, throwing a grand graduation party is the least you can do.

However, if you have booked a perfect venue and arranged good food, why use plain banners and designs when you get to delve into your creativity and generate DIY graduation signs!

A customized graduation sign moreover comes with tons of perks:

  • It is eye-catching
  • It creates an amazing first impression
  • DIY graduation yard signs make the party more exciting
  • It adds a sentimental value to your graduate as well.

On that note, here are some unique graduation yard sign ideas you can use for your design element:

  1. Art a Doddle Do!

If the theme of your graduate’s party is light and fun, you can opt for a doodle graphic for the print template. Sketch graduation hats, textbooks, stationery, and shapes to illustrate the background of your yard sign.

Save this image in the required format and upload it to an online printing platform of your choice.

Once done, add your graduate’s photo or text and customize the colour. Review the layout and your print is good to go!

  • Get Creative with a TV Show Graphic!

Many TV sitcoms like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, “The OFFICE”, or “Big Bang Theory” use creative text graphics. Use that theme to incorporate a friendly TV show vibe. For example, if your graduate is a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, you can create themed DIY graduation yard signs based on the same.

Use the text elements and input a message like, “12th Grade Graduation, Class of 2022”. This way, you will not only make your child or friend feel special, but the guests will also applaud your unique thinking!

  • One-Liners to the Rescue

Another way to design your graduation yard sign is to use a one-liner to keep things simple and fun. For instance, let’s go with a text like –

“Congratulations”, Next Stop-College! You can use any type of font, and text design of your choice to make the yard sign look grand. For added aesthetics, use a customized image or picture of your child or friend and place it in your yard! 

This way, your party people will know where you are hosting the event while enjoying the fun text & design!

  • Keeping it Classic

When it comes to graduation banners 2022, keeping it simple, elegant and classic goes a long way! Therefore, use design elements like congratulations messages, bokeh effects, minimalistic art, or any other simple elements that can leave ample room for added customization.

This is mainly because the banner requires you to enter data like:

What the party is about, the image, basic information, such as locations, a message, etc.

Customizing DIY Graduation Signs (Easy Tips)

Customizing DIY graduation yard signs and banners is very easy! All you need to do is have a design element ready along with a trusted online print store.

  1. Open the Custom banner/yard sign design portal of your chosen company
  2. Upload your design if you have any or explore available templates
  3. Edit color, font, text, and design elements
  4. Review the layout carefully
  5. Order your print

See, that’s all it takes! Done in a matter of minutes!

Final Words:

Designing and customizing DIY graduation yard signs and banners is not calculus. It only requires creativity and a few minutes of your time! Therefore, delve into your imagination and find the perfect fit for your child/friend. 

On that note, make sure to have a reliable print partner on board to ensure the delivery of high-quality and affordable prints. If you are yet to find the perfect company to print your banners, you can check out ARC Print!