April 16, 2024

OEM vs Aftermarket Auto Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components are what you expect when you take your vehicle to a dealership’s service center for maintenance, right? In contrast, if you take your car to a local mechanic, you’re more likely to obtain aftermarket components.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Car manufactures produce OEM parts. When your vehicle comes off the assembly line, these are the exact parts it comes with.


  • At the dealer’s parts counter, ordering a part typically results in its delivery. Do not worry about comparing the quality of different products based on their pricing.
  • Warranty: One of the most important factors is that OEM products have warranty with them
  • There is guarantee of quality when you choose OEM list of car parts


  • When it comes to buying OEM components, most individuals will go to a dealership, even though there are alternative options. The number of merchants available will be restricted.. Alternatively, you may ask your local technician to obtain OEM components, however this may result in a lengthier repair time since the parts have to be ordered.
  • It’s possible that the quality isn’t the best possible. You spent more money on an OEM item in the hopes that it would be superior to an aftermarket part, However, this is not always the case.

Aftercare Auto Parts

An aftermarket part is any part of a vehicle that does not belong to the vehicle manufacturer. If parts are subject to direct replacement, they will not void your vehicle’s warranty. Some companies make parts that work the same, and in some cases even better than the original.


  • Most aftermarket parts are cheaper than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. You should shop around to obtain the cheapest price and to get an idea of how much that part typically costs.
  • In the aftermarket parts industry, there are hundreds of manufacturers. While some firms specialize in a few items, others can produce nearly everything you can imagine. Increased choices and price ranges are a result of more diversity.
  • A part for your vehicle is likely to be available in any garage, petrol station, or auto parts store. Your service selections are now more diverse. You just have to know the car inside parts name and you will get it.


  • It’s true what they say: You get what you pay for.. The use of substandard materials in some aftermarket components results in substandard parts. Invest in high-quality parts from companies you know and trust, even if they cost more.
  • If you are not familiar with aftermarket brands, there is a risk that you end up buying a substandard product. Thousands of companies can manufacture one spark plug, there are thousands of varieties. Consult a mechanic or keep original parts if the price difference is not too great.
  • As a cost-cutting measure, certain aftermarket components are sold without a guarantee.


When it comes right down to it, OEM parts are all made equal, but aftermarket parts aren’t. There is a difference between spare parts and original parts. In doing so, there are several pros and drawbacks involved. Parts may save you a lot of money whether you know a lot of various brands or work on your own automobile. OEM is an excellent choice if you’re new to aftermarket brands, like to do everything at the dealer, and don’t mind spending a little more for peace of mind.