April 16, 2024

Some Basic Table Manners

Good table manners can be a pain for many. A member of staff at Dhaba by Claridge, with years of experience in the hospitality industry says that the variety of rules prevalent in different parts of the world makes it even more confusing and difficult for people. Many people find it troublesome to keep track of a huge list of rules. There is a lot of literature available about how should one behave at a formal table but a comprehensive list of basic essentials is missing.  However, it can become a lot easier when we try to reason it out with common sense. Here is a list of basic manners with reasons by Dhaba Claridge that is easy to follow and remember.

  • It is good manners to wash your hands before eating for the simple reason of cleanliness. Though, you may not be likely to touch your food with hand it is reasonable to have clean hands and nails.
  • If you are dining at a restaurant where food will be served, allow the wait staff to do that. Don’t rush up to do everything yourself and wait for the staff to arrange the table first. It will cause confusion and chaos at the table if you do that. Even if serving food in plate is not a custom at the restaurant at which you are dining, it is sensible to wait for the waiter to finish his job, before helping yourself, advices Dhaba by Claridge personnel.
  • Wait for all the side dishes to arrive on that course before you start. The contrary will make you look hungry, and every bit is best enjoyed with proper accompany, so why not wait for it.
  • Don’t unnecessarily serve someone else unless it’s not a child. It is an Indian household custom but is not apt for restaurant dining. The person may feel uncomfortable to ask more or you may put more on his plate than you can finish.
  • If you need something not kept exactly close to you, don’t stretch out but ask politely for it to be passed. The same rule applies while passing something to someone. Don’t initiate unless it is close to you and place it near your neighbour to be passed on till it reaches the person who had asked for it. Stretching out with dishes is not allowed only because you may risk spilling some food or would be an inconvenience for someone sitting closer to you.
  • Use hands for eating finger foods. Make use of proper cutlery and be gentle with the fork and knife. Don’t stab your food or clank utensils.
  • Cut only bite sized pieces that is intended to be eaten next. More than two pieces don’t look polite on your plate. The reason being, it makes your plate look cluttered and messy.
  • Never talk with food in your mouth and don’t sip on a liquid unless you are finished chewing. This again doesn’t look nice and you may spit some food in the process of talking which is highly unbecoming.      

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