July 18, 2024

SyenApp Launches ‘Private Search and Shop’ Platform


Chennai-based startup SyenApp has unveiled its revolutionary private search and shopping platform in India. Founder and CEO, Mani Subrahmanyam, describes SyenApp as a privacy-focused application ensuring data security. Unlike conventional apps and browsers, it shields user data from tracking and thwarts targeted advertisements. Subrahmanyam highlights the ease of downloading and free access to the app.

The platform offers encrypted search capabilities and a ‘cookie-less’ experience, empowering users to explore and purchase products and brands anonymously. Subrahmanyam elaborates on the revenue model, emphasizing a B2B2C approach, with revenue streams derived from traffic monetization, sales commissions, private advertisements, and strategic partnerships.

Over the past 18 months, SyenApp has secured over ₹6 crore from angel investors, with plans underway to raise an additional ₹25 crore. This investment underscores the confidence investors have in SyenApp’s innovative solution and its potential to redefine the online shopping landscape with privacy at its core.