February 23, 2024

The Coming of Commercial Real Estate Projects in Gurgaon


Real Estate Projects in Gurgaon is reaching such a pinnacle that the town is being eyed as a big sub urban city showing faster growth in real estate sector. The city, which was just a small village about 30 years back, has grown into one of the biggest commercial hubs in India with a population of close to a million people. This vast urbanity was beyond dreams of the erstwhile village population who settled down in Gurgaon for work or business purposes. They had little idea of the commercial potential of the city that is where the real estate developers came in to make a mark for themselves.

There are many commercial properties available in the city and it’s no doubt that commercial properties are always a winner with the bidders from all over India. A look at the recent Gurgaon statistics would reveal that almost a third of the total office space occupied by the major construction companies in Gurgaon is actually leased out to various tenants. The retail market in Gurgaon also looks promising with retail projects like the Fashion Valley and the Essel World coming up in recent years. There are many more malls, chains, retail complexes and retail parks coming up in the city. A vast choice of retail property is available to the potential Buyers of properties in Gurugram.

One of the latest and one of the biggest realty market property deals in Gurgaon is the purchase of a high-rise tower in the middle of the city by a private developer. The developer would own the tower and the retail property around it would be rented out to a wide range of commercial tenants. The retail property for lease would act as another revenue stream for the developer. This project, the Residency Towers, is part of an emerging trend of commercial real estate projects in Gurgaon. This project is expected to take off when the new retail property developers take root in Gurgaon soon.

Another popular commercial real estate projects in Gurgaon is the development of the Sonarpur Golf Course Extension Road. This project has managed to corner a good chunk of the real estate market in Gurgaon with the availability of a huge plot of land and some residential properties. The golf course extension road was supposed to connect the Sonarpur Golf Course and the Badarpur Country Club. The former is a famous fitness center which attracts many sports lovers from across the country. The latter offers a luxurious home for the elite and a golfing facility for the country club set up.

Gurgaon is fast emerging as one of the best shopping destinations in the country. The major property deal in the city with a tie up with the Mall of America chain has made a buzz among the real estate investors. The mall has been offering a wide range of exclusive stores that offer a variety of merchandise including dining options, food courts and shopping counters. A major advantage of the property that is situated near the mall is that it has been given a complete lock to the property so that all the commercial activities related to the mall can be carried out perfectly.

The second upcoming affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon is the project of Secor Homes. The developer behind this project is the Housing Development Corporation of India (HDCA) with the participation of the National Development Corporation of India (NDC). This is another prominent residential property that is located almost at the peripheral of the city. The major feature of this housing scheme is the availability of land to build more homes for the poorer sections of the society without disturbing the existing property.

The third upcoming affordable housing scheme is the Gurgaon Villas. This is one of the largest investments by an individual in Gurgaon. This project includes villas and other recreational facilities for the tourists and NRIs. The commercial projects of the same are also located nearby and have been included in the overall plan of development.

The price of the plots in the Sector 7 and 8 plots are relatively lower compared to the ones in the other parts of the city. But, all these are yet to come. The completion of the projects by these developers will definitely bring down the cost considerably and will become an irresistible deal for the buyers. Apart from the above-mentioned projects, there will be more announcements by different builders about further improvements in the commercial property in Gurgaon.