July 18, 2024

Wallpaper Wall Murals: Perks and Design Ideas


Among minimalists, there has been a huge resurgence of bold patterns and colours in the past few years, resulting in a newfound craze for wallpaper wall murals. If you’re seeking more, this blog will show you some interesting perks and design ideas that can transform your home, office, private space, or business into a whole new world.

The new trend in wall murals is not to feature a duplicated motif like wallpaper, but rather to display a single large image or pattern (either custom-designed and printed directly on the wall or designed with oversized repetitions to encompass a large room). Intricate scenes are printed on silk or paper rolls by companies like Gracie, De Gournay, and Fromental, then tenaciously installed with thoughtful attention to ventilation around windows, doors, and even light switches. The panel might even contain three-dimensional details, like those added by MJ Atelier. You can even hang additional artwork on top of a completed wall mural if you feel like flexing those maximalist muscles.

So, today’s let’s walk you through some perks and design ideas for murals for walls UK.

Advantages of Investing in Wall Murals Today

Painting a wall limits your options when it comes to decorating it: you are only able to use colours, and you may have to make use of expensive modifications using terracotta, fiberglass, etc. It is virtually impossible to limit the possibilities when it comes to wallpaper murals because there are so many textures, designs, patterns, and images to choose from.

1) Easy to Install and Take Off

Investing in permanent solutions for wall murals can be risky! It is expensive and changing it will require complete alteration of a wall that involves breaking the previous design. This can lead to permanent wall damage. However, by using wallpaper wall murals, all you are required to do is print them.

This way, you can easily have it installed by the selected company, and change it later when required. This way there is no permanent damage done to your existing wall.

2) Customization is Easy

Wall murals allow you to customize the image you want to be displayed on your walls. The dimensions of your room are all that companies need to offer you a custom mural, whether you’d like a photograph as wallpaper or a work of art.

3) Hide Flaws

Living room wall murals are the best way to hide small flaws your room might have. If there is a dent or crack on that wall that is ruining the aesthetics of your living room or office, your printed murals offer a quick fix.

What’s more? With your choice of image or design, these murals will give an edgy or artsy look to your rooms as well.

4) Easy Maintenance

The best feature of wallpaper wall murals is easy maintenance. As these are printed using high-quality printing tools that feature vibrant colour, most murals are low maintenance.

This means that the murals won’t lose colour or fade quickly regardless of how long they are kept idle.

5) Adds Character to Places

Whether it is an office, a living room, or a private space that is devoid of decor, adding a printed mural can create a lot of differences. A printed mural will add edge, character, and a splash of colour or art to an empty place that instantly makes it attractive.

What’s more? If you invest in murals for walls UK for your office, your workplace will look professional and polished. This will create a good impression on employees and clients.

Printed Wall Mural Design Ideas for Homes, Offices & More

1. Whimsical Menagerie

The “Menagerie Chinoiserie” wallpaper pattern by Courtney McLeod spans four panels (and includes a map for installation). You can use a similar pattern for your living room wall murals or your work studio for interior decorating, architecture firm, etc.

2. Unique Abstract Wallpaper Murals

The designer Bailey Li creates hypnotic abstract masterpieces like this mural using colours from her clients’ rooms (check this example of her work here).

You can use similar designs and frame her ideas only in print.

3. Sharpie Art

When it comes to wallpaper wall murals, you can also go for sharpie art. Shantell Martin created a one-of-a-kind artwork with her trademark Sharpie for a retreat in Bellport, New York, designed by Aamir Khandwala.

Such designs are contemporary and add the necessary personality to a printed mural.

4. Motivational Designs with Quotes

If you are the owner of a company or business, you can add some edge and colour to your company rooms with printed murals. These murals can have your brand logo, design, colour, and motivational quotes on them, which can propel employees to work hard and do better.

Final Notes:

As this blog concludes, hopefully, you are aware of the many perks of wallpaper wall murals for amplifying your home or office interiors. Therefore, add some character and glamour to your rooms with customized, murals from reputed print companies.


Wallpaper wall murals are trending among maximalists for various reasons. If you’re looking to revamp your space, check the perks and design ideas for the same.