July 18, 2024

Who is matt stonie’s girlfriend? We investigate!

If you’re an avid YouTube watcher, you may have noticed that Matt Stonie has been missing from his channel lately…and now we know why! Apparently, our favorite competitive eater has been busy with another woman (shocking, we know), but don’t worry; he hasn’t left the online world behind. Instead of keeping the details of his love life on his own channels, Matt has taken to Instagram and other social media sites to share photos and updates about his new girlfriend with fans, who are super curious about his new lady friend—from her name to her occupation and more.

Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend Is A Fellow Competitive Eater:

Matt Stonie is a competitive eater. He’s been ranked #3 in the world and has won more than 10,000 contests. But who is Matt’s Girlfriend? There is no one in particular, but he has been linked to many beautiful women over the years. With his profession as a competitive eater, it’s hard for Matt to keep a relationship going. But he does have some skills that could help him find the perfect woman for him! Just look at his social media accounts: @MattStonie on Instagram and @MATTSTONIE on Twitter. His website also provides you with personal pictures from all of his eating competitions, so you can get to know him better through those before making any commitments yourself.

They Met At A Competition And Have Been Together Ever Since:

Matt Stonie met his wife at a competition. He was 20 and she was 18. They have been together ever since. Matt Stonie has been married to his wife for three years and they have an 11-month-old daughter named Lola Rose. Matt Stonie lives with his family in Walnut Creek, California. Matt Stonie is an American competitive eater that won the 2017 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. His profession makes him one of the top 10 highest-earning competitive eaters on earth, but he stays humble as he says it’s not about how much you eat or earn; it’s about how you carry yourself. He trains by working out in the morning and eating healthy all day long—he can eat up to 25 hot dogs at once when training. But outside of competitions, he sticks to just 12-15 hot dogs per sitting (maybe four times per year).

She Understands His Competitive Drive And Supports His Career:

There are few things that can make a person feel more accomplished than finishing a project, especially when it’s one that is hard to complete. Matt Stonie has a long history of success in the competitive world of eating and he credits his girlfriend, Megan Molloy, for being his biggest supporter. She understands my competitive drive and supports my career, Matt says.

She Is Also A Competitive Eater And Has Her Own YouTube Channel:

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They Live Together In San Jose, California:

Matt Stonie has been Matt Stonie’s girlfriend since 2016. They Live Together In San Jose, California and are often seen together as they go to events and live their life. Matt Stonie has not been married. He is a professional competitive eater and his profession primarily revolves around that.