December 1, 2021

Why Instax Is The Perfect Diwali Gift For 2021

The festival of lights is just around the corner. The custom of greeting with exchanging gifts is an integral part of the festivity. The beauty of gifting is that it makes the recipients feel special despite all the odds. The significance of gifting has been in Indian roots for a long. Selecting the unique Diwali gifts for family, friends and corporate associates is still something that haunts us. Isn’t it? If you are riding in the same boat then we feel you. 

To make this situation a bit comfortable, we have researched the suitable Diwali gifts that will be liked by people of all age groups. We are the generation of people who want to make every moment beautiful and treasure it. True sentiments and priceless relations when tied neatly, becomes ageless memory. 

In today’s time, everyone loves Instant cameras. The love for cute, portable, and funky cameras has grown immensely. These budget-friendly cameras and printers will be the perfect Diwali gifts. Fuji Instax Instant Cameras can amp up your gifting game. To find the best instant camera for your special ones read the following: 

Hybrid Cameras: Instax Elite Box is the perfect Diwali gift that will match up with your and your loved one’s Diwali celebrations. The Liplay elite box holds a hybrid liplay camera. We ask you to consider this camera highly for gifting, especially for your intimate family members and friends in this festive season. The mini liplay box consists of photo albums, films, and buntings complimenting the camera perfect for the perfect celebrations. 

Happiness Box: A happiness box is an ideal gift for all special occasions including Diwali. The Mini 11 Box comprises a selfie mirror and a close-up lens. With the help of these elements, you can take a perfect selfie photo anytime, anywhere. Some of the distinguishing features are high-key mode, automatic exposure measurement to get perfect festive pictures instantly. This box will give your precious and priceless memories. 

The Instax Happiness Box comes in two variants. Intax Mini 11 and Instax Mini 9. The accessories in this box contain are 40 shots of films, an Album, Fridge Magnets, and Instax Bunting. This box will give a wide smile to your special ones at the festivity. 

Gift Box: Do you believe in going back to the good olden days and experiencing the joy you once lived? Creating a personal library of your photos empowers you to look forward in life. It’s important to have special moments in life. But what is even more important than it is capturing them. If you believe what we do then a Gift box is the only gift you were looking for, to surprise your loved ones and family members this Diwali. 

The Gift Box comes in 2 variants. One has mini 11 in it while the other has mini 9 has in it including the accessories. The gift box contains a mini 11 camera complimenting with Instax Mini Film Pack 10×1, Instax Photo Bunting, Instax Photo Album, Batteries, Camera Strap for perfect Diwali gifts.


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